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Cape May hotel subject of Hotel Impossible

By Jessica Leeburg January 29th, 2013 15 Comments
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The Travel Channel was in town last Fall to film an episode of Hotel Impossible. Host Anthony Melchiorri, with his 20 years of hospitality experience, is known as the “hotel fixer.” He visited the Periwinkle Inn on Beach Avenue to share his advice for hotel management. The hotel is undergoing renovations for this season.

The show aired January 28, 2013.

  • periwinklethis

    Too bad they are hard headed and are not taking anything from that show to heart! Who owns a hotel in Cape May and never knew about the MAC?… Glad I found out about one of the worst hotels in Cape May before we visited!

  • Claudia

    I only saw the first twenty minutes or so. I’m glad I never stayed there. The insides didn’t match the outside. I hope that they will take Anthony’s advice to heart. I would like to watch the whole episode.

  • Capemayniac57

    We stayed at the Periwinkle in the summer of 2008. We actually loved our room. I watched the show and I didn’t remember the lobby. I guess I’m more concerned about the ocean view. Our room was very unique beause it was on the second floor with a private balcony. We had to go inside the building and walk up a flight of stairs and then enter our room from there. The room was odd because we had a hallway with the bathroom on one side and the bedroom on the other, but it wasn’t a problem at all. The bedroom area was small, but in the summer at the beach with great restaurants, how much time are you in the bedroom? What was the best of the bedroom was that there was a regular door to the private balcony which had a perfect view of the ocean (we spent most of the evenings after dinner on the balcony with with wine and watching/listening to the ocean) and then there was a screened window. At night we had our balcony door closed, but the window open and we fell asleep and woke up to the sound of the ocean and that was heaven. That’s what I go to the beach for. I don’t remember the mother and sister but the brother was very nice to us. CM is the oldest seashore. The hotels that sit across from the beach take a lot of abuse and they have been there for decades. Until they get remodeled they are all lacking something, usually style, but have always found them to be clean. But I guess my husband and I don’t get as radical about those things when we are at the beach or especially at CM.

  • StayedThereOnce

    I think the owner’s daughter was just looking for a publicity venue to launch a singing career. What I heard, she needs to put her nose the grindstone and make that hotel succeed.

  • Lisa

    We stayed there in august. We were treated very badly. Our room was so small we couldn’t even stay.We wanted another room or our money back nothing was done until the following day,when we were given another room. Everything the show said was so TRUE. Hopefully the owners will listen.