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Cape May Recipes

  1. Cape May Christmas Recipes

    I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas morning. Yes, the presents are nice – but it is breakfast that I crave. But here’s the question – what to make? So, I ask myself – what would the Victorians do?

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    Cape May summer cocktails you can make at home

    We asked a few of our favorite watering holes for summer drink recipes to help you beat the heat.

  3. Dot, left, and Lucille on the Chalfonte porch

    Fried Chicken & Soul at the Chalfonte Hotel

    At the Chalfonte, Cape May’s oldest continuous operating hotel, the Magnolia Room’s southern menu has been a tradition for 101 years.

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    Holiday Recipes

    Enjoy these holiday recipes from the Bed and Breakfast Inns and Guest Houses of Cape May.

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    The Crab Cake Doctrine

    What makes a superior crab cake? For the truly crabby, only Blue Claw Crabs will do. Enjoy my award-winning crab cake recipe.