1. What you thought about 2012

    Text by | Published January 7th, 2013 in The Year in Review

    Here’s what you had to say about what happened in Cape May.

  2. What you thought about 2011

    Text by | Published January 1st, 2012 in In PicturesLook at ThisThe Year in Review

    When something happens in Cape May, we post it on Facebook, and we always love hearing what you have to say about hot topics affecting your favorite vacation spot.

  3. 2008: The Year in Review

    Text by | Published January 1st, 2009 in The Year in Review

    Cape May looked as anxious for change in 2008 as the rest of the country. Changes in the city’s political landscape came early in May when incumbent Mayor Jerome Inderwies lost a bid to extend his six years as mayor to Dr. Ed Mahaney, who previously served both as a council member and as mayor from July 1995 to July 1996. Terri […]