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The new Rotary Park is taking shape

If you’re in Cape May, you’ve surely been watching as a totally revitalized park has been coming together between Lyle Lane and Lafayette Street. And you’re probably aware that the fountain started circulating water last week. Today the new Gazebo with it’s lighted crown was tightened into place. while workers positioned both flowering shrubs and evergreens around the park’s perimeter. The Rotary Park of 1974 has taken on new life, adding a whole new dimension to Cape May’s Victorian reputation.

The result of private and public funding, the park is scheduled for a grand opening on July 22nd.

Gazebo 7-11 1

Rotary Park’s new fountain arrives

Michelle wandered by the Rotary Park construction site today and heard whispers about the new fountain. She asked where it was and they directed her to Public Works, where she got this photo! The fountain should be in place around four weeks from now, weather permitting.

IMG_00611 resize

IMG_0002 resize

Rotary Park project underway

We’ve been so preoccupied with finishing the spring issue of Cape May Magazine that we missed the tear-down of Rotary Park’s gazebo yesterday, but we got a few photographs of the aftermath for you. The park project is a joint effort of the Fund for Cape May and the City of Cape May. The updated plan includes wrought-iron fencing, benches, a large central fountain, gas lamps to complement ones already in place around the city, and new bicycle racks.

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