Home is one of those unique words that has one dictionary definition but a varying personal definition to anyone that you ask. Google defines home as, “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household,” but that sounds more like a house to me.

Home is one of those words that I have attempted to define countless amounts of times for school papers, as well as having it as a general thought. It’s like Jell-O; as soon as I think I have a grasp on it, it slips away through my fingers. As I pack my clothes, shoes, and bags full of books for college, its true definition is finally starting to form in my mind. Home is where your heart is happy.

My heart has been, is, and always will be happy along the sandy shores of Cape May. During my childhood years, my days consisted of late afternoons on the beach, staying so long that we would order pizza to the Cove and watch the sunset. Family and friends were abundant and oblivious to the outside rush of life that existed where the concrete street started. During these past few years, the beach has been my escape. I flock there with my friends during the day, retreating as we find happiness in salt water.

Beach HomeMore than just a place to hang out, the beaches of Cape May have introduced me to lifelong friendships. Ask me two years ago what The Tent was and I would have looked at you like you had three heads, but now some of my closest friends are from The Tent. Even though we all go our separate ways when fall rolls around, we keep in touch and reunite every summer. When we all come back and everyone is joking around, too happy to care how loud we are or what time it is, that is home.

When I’m covered with salt water and sand and in good company, that is home. When conversations last until the early morning and I’m laughing while half asleep, that is home. Cape May will always be my home, regardless of where I live or go to college. I will miss the shore and dabbling my feet in white foamy waves, but can look at my jars of sea glass in my dorm and know that Cape May will always be waiting for me.