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Fourth of July Barbeque

July 4th is a time to celebrate throwing the British out. Most people think it had to do with taxes and rights and silly stuff like that, but foodies know that in a land of bountiful food we couldn’t be ruled by a people who make and eat bland, tasteless dishes. It is also time dissolve… Read more »

Steve Lamanna and his Lady Fair

Feeling romantic? Well, why not. It is February. And if you want the feeling to last once the blush of Valentine’s Day is over we have just the thing for you. Piano soloist Steve LaManna released his fifth album, Lady Fair in November and the CD accomplishes two things – it brings the sound of… Read more »

Christmas at Cape May’s Designer House

Cape May’s 2007 Designer Show House at 608 Hughes St. is decorated for the holidays and open for your enjoyment for the first time in the Cape May Designer Show House history. The character of an old house is reflected by the architectural styles that mark its history, and the 1847 Memucan Hughes House is… Read more »

Andrea: An Elegant Wedding at the Grand

There was never any doubt in our minds, Cape May was the perfect place to hold our wedding. We both love the city so much and it’s become like our second home. My husband spent every summer of his childhood visiting Cape May and his family has ties to the island that go back to… Read more »

The Cook-off

By Colleen Brogan • Photographs by Lindsy Ray When George’s Place announced it would be hosting a cook-off between Chef John Karapanagiotis and his brother, Peter, there was much talk of what would be at stake. Rumors of money, treasured possessions, and trips to exotic destinations were the buzz around the restaurant, but most of… Read more »