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Jon Davies

Jon Davies is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University of Culinary Arts. His work as a chef has taken him to Aspen, Colorado; Cape May, NJ; and the odd private jet for culinary gigs for the rich and famous. For more of his recipes, subscribe to Cape May Magazine.

A Foodie’s First Love

Fill a glass with Cote du Rhone or Riesling and make these dishes that evolved from the ones I learned from the woman who taught me to love and appreciate food: Julia Child.

Harvesting new flavors

Not sure if it is a sign of age or the summer heat, but lately I have been eating lighter. For me, vegetables and fish are no longer on the endangered species list in my kitchen.

Barley and Me

In recent years, America has undergone a beer renaissance. And beer, like wine, can also be an integral part of cooking foods.

Prawn Stars

Everybody loves shrimp. Put shrimp out at a party and see a Pavlovian reaction from your guests as they swarm en masse to the sweet pink crustaceans. Recipes for Cajun Bar-B-Que Shrimp, Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp, and Tarragon Shrimp.