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Category: Nature and Wildlife

On Safari…the Cape May Way

The other night, I took a sunset Salt Marsh Safari on “The Skimmer,” a 40 ft. pontoon which skims the waterways just like the bird it was named for. Admittedly, I wouldn’t have thought to go on it if I hadn’t been an assignment. Why, you ask? Because birding is a huge component of the safari and birders intimidate me.

27th Annual Hawk Watch

Some sit patiently waiting. Some stand — their bodies pivot, arms upraised, binoculars in hand. They speak in quiet tones like people waiting for a golfer to hit a crucial shot. It’s easy to tell the serious hawk watchers from the everyday tourist or curious spectator. For one, they have equipment.

Cape May Point: Naturally for the Birds

If you asked ten people “What and where is Cape May Point?” you’d probably hear ten completely different answers. For instance: “It’s a little piece of heaven.” “The lighthouse is there.” “That’s where the birds migrate.” “They have a big lake there, don’t they?” “We have a very special place. People who live here and… Read more »

Desalination: Cape May Leads the Northeastern U.S.

“Water, water, everywhere —nor any drop to drink…”* Cape May’s Desalination Plant’s no Albatross! *Apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his legendary poem “Ryme of the Ancient Mariner” There can be no debate, water is the sustenance of life. As the world’s population and demands increase, natural resources deplete. Today’s worldwide water crisis has forced… Read more »

Living on the Bird Way

“Pisscchhh! pssch, pssch, pssch.” It woke me very early one morning when I was living on Seagrove Avenue, out by Cape May Point. It was a very strange sound.  I got out of bed and looked through the window to find what my sleepy eyes perceived as aliens. Two of them stood in my yard,… Read more »