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A Winter Cape May Holiday…for a Change!

So you haven’t been to Cape May during the winter? The beaches may be empty and breezes blow cold through town. Summer is a distant memory — or perhaps a future anticipation — but there’s more to Cape May than being simply a summer vacation land. Christmas may be the best time of year to visit.

Searching for Henry Sawyer, the Past Comes Alive

Through the years rumors of sightings have persisted. Donlin knows a man claiming to have seen Sawyer himself 27 years ago standing at the top of the stair case. The man was 13 years old at the time, and never forgot the encounter.

Up on the Stand: Who are these people anyway?

At the peak of the summer season, over 50,000 people visit Cape May and most of them spend some time on the pristine beaches to swim and cool down in the Atlantic Ocean. These bathers in Cape May are carefully protected seven days a week, seven and a half hours a day by the dedicated, professional staff of the Cape May Beach Patrol.

Watching History Go Away: The Christian Admiral Hotel

In a town whose very existence depends on its historic buildings, the loss of one from fire, much less demolition, is felt intensely. The Christian Admiral Hotel was like a living, breathing member of the community and her passing was mourned as such.