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Category: Lifeguards

C.M.B.P. The Anatomy of a Rescue

Imagine this. It is a quiet, peaceful afternoon at the beach. You are sitting in your beach chair, waiting for the tide to rush over your legs, thinking, maybe you should move your chair back a bit so your stuff doesn’t get wet when, suddenly, whistles are blowing, lifeguards are running and pulling everyone out… Read more »

One Lifeguard’s Challenge

Maybe you’re wondering who’s responsible for bringing the United States Lifeguard Association Championships (USLA) to Cape May for a fourth time. Or, maybe you’re wondering who’s behind the Cape May Beach Patrol bringing wheelchairs to the beach so the handicapped can enjoy the sun, sand and water. Or maybe you’re wondering just who it is that organizes all those lifeguards and makes sure the ocean you’re bathing in is safe.

Up on the Stand: Who are these people anyway?

At the peak of the summer season, over 50,000 people visit Cape May and most of them spend some time on the pristine beaches to swim and cool down in the Atlantic Ocean. These bathers in Cape May are carefully protected seven days a week, seven and a half hours a day by the dedicated, professional staff of the Cape May Beach Patrol.