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Category: Recipes

The Pumpkin: Thanksgiving’s Centerpiece

In a historic town like Cape May, seasonal decorations that are quaint and natural are often seen in autumn! I know that some folks begin to decorate for Christmas in mid-November, but others hold out until after Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are often scattered here and there in doorways and along paths in the spirit of an… Read more »

Let’s Talk Turkey

This month’s column tackles a subject matter that rears its ugly head each November. This topic has been known to cause rifts in families and stir deep-seeded emotions. No, I am not talking politics. I am talking about the proper way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. An improperly cooked turkey can ruin the whole day… Read more »

Ish’s Recipes

Inspiration has been a recurring theme for recent columns. It often comes from sources and at times we least expect. Being a chef has its perks and drawbacks. One drawback is everyone who has ever boiled water wants to talk food with you. So it was when I started at the Mad Batter on Jackson… Read more »

Bogged Down with Cranberries

A working cranberry bog mirrors one of American’s earliest agriculture practices. It also showcases some of the newest and most innovative methods used by farmers today. But time stands still when one reflects on these glistening berries during a beautiful Indian summer day in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Each autumn farmer continues gathering the… Read more »

The Art of Tailgating

September first is here and brings the unofficial end to the summer season. In three days the next big season starts, Football. Football seasons’ first weeks bring hope that this is finally your team’s year to win it all. This enthusiasm is manifested in many ways from wearing your team’s colors, face painting, bad bets,… Read more »