Cape May Weddings

Cape May Carriage Company

Imagine arriving at your destination by horse-drawn carriage. Could your day be any more perfect? 

The Cape May Carriage Company offers a wonderful bridal service which includes picking up the bride and taking her to the wedding ceremony location, taking the bride and groom to have their photographs taken at a romantic location, and taking the bride and groom to the reception.

Wedding-day services include:

  • Pickup and dropoff at your specific locations (our travel time is included in the cost).
  • Our wedding horses are specially trained and not used in tours. They are able to stand in different locations around town, for varying lengths of time, for your safety while entering and exiting the carriage. You can choose a black or white horse.
  • Our wedding carriages are never used for tours, so they are kept in beautiful condition. Carriages are detailed the day of your wedding. You are the first to sit in the carriage that day!
  • Our drivers wear tuxedos. Some jobs require footman, who are also in formal wear.
  • Wedding decorations included