What's Happening this November?

Most shore towns have closed down, but Cape May is unique in the fact that we are just beginning to kick up our holiday heels. PLUS, who's serving up Thanksgiving dinner?

The Art of the Island Craftsman

There is art and there is craftsmanship. Once in a while the two magically come together. Meet two of Cape May's craftsmen.

Fall in Pictures

Fall in Pictures

Experience autumn in Cape May through our fall pictorial.

Thanksgiving's Centerpiece - The Pumpkin

Thanksgiving's Centerpiece

Think pumpkins are only good for your doorstep? Lorraine shares her favorite pumpkin recipes, crafts & tips. 

Persnickety Chef - Thanksgiving Turkey

Let's Talk Turkey

This month’s column tackles a subject matter that rears its ugly head each November. No, I am not talking politics. I am talking about the proper way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey.


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Of past CapeMay.com articles

Dear CapeMay.com...

Cape May FAQs. You write, we answer.

This month's cover was taken on Franklin Street. Photograph by Bernie Haas, October 30, 2008.

We received the following email from our cover house's owner:

Hi all,

I own the house on your cover this month white with black shutters. I was so very excited to see the online cover.

This is so exciting for us since this house was purchased as an un-inhabitable and neglected wreck. My husband, daughters and myself have performed pain-staken restorations to bring it to this condition. Our effort have spanned 4 years and this summer to sit on the restored porch has been our greatest pleasure.

To have it on your cover is very prideful and acknowledging to us. We are glad you also saw the beauty of the house as we have.

Best Regards,
Diane Stasi

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