What to do in Cape May

What to do in Cape May


As you drive along our highways and byways this spring and throughout the summer and fall, remember that Cape May, NJ has not lost its long tradition of farming. It has, to the contrary, evolved into a business both true to our agricultural heritage and our tourist roots as well.

  1. capemaywinery

    Cape May Winery

    Cape May Winery has grown over the past two decades to produce some of South Jersey’s most distinguished wines.

  2. hawk-haven

    Hawk Haven Winery

    Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery is located on a sprawling 100+ acre farm in up & coming Cape May Wine Country.

  3. jessiecreek

    Jessie Creek Winery

    The Jessie Creek Winery is the perfect setting to provide a taste of Italy at the South Jersey Shore.

  4. tastings-tours

    Tastings and Tours

    Enjoy a carefree day while tasting and touring Cape May’s breweries.

  5. willowcreekwinery2

    Willow Creek Winery

    The only Napa-style winery located on Cape May Island.

What to do in Cape May

What to do in Cape May