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Picture of the Day

“Beatrix Potter’s” Foggy Bayshore Garden

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An update from “Ms. Potter”:

Oh my, big trouble in Beatrix’ garden!!  Last evening, Mr. McGregor came home to find that 138 perfectly beautiful sunflower plants had been uprooted.  Who is the culprit?  The four little bunnies that have been scampering around since Miss Editrix named the garden fled the scene. The bunnies are pests. They have been peeing on Beatrix’ cutting garden plants, and killing them.  Poor Mr. McGregor.  He was near to tears that his sunflower design had been wrecked and ruined.  Bound and determined to catch the critter, he armed his trap with half an ear of fresh sweet corn, a peanut butter filled stalk of celery and a carrot.  There was great thunder and lightening during the night, and hark, as the lightening lit up the sky, Mr. McGregor wandered to the top of the steps and lo, there was a critter in the crate!!  Was it Aunt Vickie’s raccoon whom Mr. McGregor blamed for the damage.  No.  No.  No.  It was a giant skunk.. Ten more sunflowers dug up from the root, just a bite off each root before Mrs. Skunk got herself caught.  Oh, pray Mrs. Skunk does not let go a big stink.  As dawn broke,  Mr. McGregor sneaked out, covered over the trap with a pink blanket and carted off Mrs. Skunk.  Just how Mr. McGregor managed to not get skunked is a secret he will never tell.