Activities in Cape May

Beach Cleanup Stands

Location Stands are located near beach entrances

Age Interest All ages

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Beach Cleanup Stands

Cape May’s beaches are regularly cleaned, but if you spot litter and want to prevent it reaching the ocean, grab a bucket from one of these free beach cleanup stands! LOVE BLUE INC. installed a series of them along Cape May’s beachfront in October 2023.

Stand Locations:

  • The Cove, next to the Sunset Pavilion
  • Decatur Street Beach
  • Stockton Place Beach
  • Madison Avenue Beach
  • Pittsburgh Avenue Beach

How it works:

  • Open the door on the stand and take a bucket
  • Fill it with beach debris
  • Return to the beach station and raise the roof
  • Empty trash into the can inside
  • Return the bucket to the cleanup station
  • LOVE BLUE asks you to snap a picture and tag them @loveblueinc on Instagram!