Shopping in Cape May

Good Deeds Market

Good Deeds Market is Cape May County’s 1st zero-waste lifestyle store specializing in sustainable personal care, home goods, and gifting. All of their products are environmentally friendly and are either reusable, refillable, compostable, biodegradable, or as plastic-free as possible. Their goal is to help the community reduce their consumption of single-use plastic by offering a variety of eco-friendly products that can be used throughout their days, including (but not limited to) everything from plant-based makeup and solid shampoo bars to reusable silicone bowl covers and all-natural paint pigments. Their products and actions are intended to improve the quality of water, land, air, and health for current and future generations. They believe that small actions, when multiplied by many, add up to make a difference.

They also partner with local hospitality groups to provide mindful and sustainable products to Cape May vacation and rental properties.

Good Deeds also hosts monthly beach cleanups to help educate the local community, create awareness of plastic pollution, and utilize the data to help inform their product assortment and motivate them to find alternatives to commonly found items. Click here to view a list of their upcoming events and join them as they clean up the Cape May County coast. They also fund a tree planting for every item sold in their store and on their website to help tackle the climate crisis. Click here to learn more about their reforestation efforts.

Giving back is what gives their lives and their brand purpose. Discover this one-stop shop for stress-free, organic, all-natural, and non-toxic products that you can use to lower your personal carbon footprint or to support friends and family on their journey to zero-waste.