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Cape May Music Festival: Virtual Concerts

Long-time friends and peers Conductors Jed Gaylin and Eliot Bailen, of the Bay Atlantic Symphony and the New York Chamber Ensemble respectively, have partnered and will be presenting 4 short performances for classical music lovers to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes! After each, Jed and Eliot will be live on Zoom with… Read more »

East Lynne Theater Company presents NOTHING MATTERS

The setting is Ambrose Bierce’s apartment in Washington D.C. in 1898.  A poet merely asks his advice about poetry, and receives an insight into the Civil War, journalism, and politics. Bierce’s philosophy can be summed up in two words: “Nothing Matters.”  But of course, many things mattered to him very much.  As a journalist, he was known… Read more »

East Lynne Theater Company presents THE WOODHULL PROJECT

Selected to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, this one-woman play explores the life of Victoria Woodhull, the woman who ran for President of the United States in 1872, through a contemporary lens. Woodhull appears today wondering if she has left any legacy. Flashbacks of her life, coupled with her commentary, explore how… Read more »

Tap and bucket collecting sap on a maple tree

Live maple tapping demonstration

Tap and bucket collecting sap on a maple tree Do you have maple trees on your property? Ever wanted to make your own maple syrup? Want some help? Join Stockton University researchers as they conduct a maple tapping demonstration. We will also be showing you some of the research that we are doing to explore the science behind sap production! If you live in… Read more »

East Lynne Theater Company presents: Historic Spout Offs

The Equity professional East Lynne Theater Company is presenting a reading of “Historic Spout Offs,” letters to the editor in Cape May newspapers from 1860 – 1925, researched and compiled by Tom Byrn. From crowded sidewalks to stealing chickens, from the Civil War to leap-year love, citizens throughout history seem always to have an opinion.… Read more »

East Lynne Theater Company presents: Tales Of The Victorians

It’s ELTC’s 31st Season of Tales Of The Victorians! They can’t offer you a cup of tea and homemade treats like they usually do when they perform at local B&Bs and shops, but East Lynne Theater Company actors are still reading stories by famous American authors. This year, they’ll be outside in the backyard of… Read more »

Cape May’s Olde Fashioned 4th of July Celebration

#CAPEMAYINDEPENDENCEDAY Show us your Red, White, and Blue: Decorate home or business and register by July 4th. Categories are Best Porch, Best Home, Best Business, Best Nighttime Display, and Judges Choice. Let Freedom Ring: Saturday at 7:30 pm join us in the citywide bell ringing. Patriotic Flyover Featuring WWII Planes: Saturday at 7:45 pm over… Read more »

Cape May Spring Festival

Cape May Spring Festival – Virtual Event

Cape May Spring Festival With the continuing COVID-19 health crisis, we have taken the precautionary step of eliminating the Festival’s in-person format – we are going virtual. We are truly excited to transport the splendor of spring migration in Cape May right into your own home in a virtual format on May 23rd and 24th. COST: $30 for Saturday;… Read more »