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Cape May Event Calendar

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Are you organizing an event in the Cape May area? It's free to submit event details to our calendar.

What is posted to is at the discretion of Cape Publishing, but here are our basic guidelines:

  • Events must be of interest to visitors and tourists. Do not submit events that would only interest locals residents. They will not be approved.
  • Events must welcome the general public. They cannot be limited to members only.
  • Event series must limited in length and scope, such as an art show or a theater production. Year-round daily tours would not be approved. If you are not sure if your event qualifies, please call us.
  • We will not approve shopping-centric events, sales, accommodation packages, or dining/drink specials. Pop-up shops will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Food-related events are permitted only if they are likely to draw a large out-of-town audience, such as the Craft Beer and Crab Festival or Cape May Restaurant Week. Regular themed nights (eg. Taco Tuesday) will not be approved.
  • Fundraisers are rarely approved. We will consider those that benefit local non-profits involved in historic preservation.

Send questions to or call us at 609-898-4500.


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