2014 Mercedes Winner

Is your name Victor Rack? Congratulations! You’re the winner of this beautiful Mercedes, raffled off by Our Lady Star of the Sea. If you aren’t Victor, we’re sorry to tell you that you didn’t win. (We didn’t win either, if it helps.)


“Experiences” by Ryan Michael Richards

There’s no question that Cape May inspires, lending its natural and architectural beauty to artists, musicians, photographers, and writers. So we were thrilled to be contacted by acoustic guitarist Ryan Michael Richards, who shared his recent album, Experiences, with us. Listen to a sample from his track Victorian Love:

How is Cape May inspirational to you and your music?

I feel as if this is a second home whenever I visit. I grew up in Philadelphia, so I have always known about it. My wife was the one who really got me to take a good look at it and love the town. The beaches are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful from end to end. The residents that I have gotten to know thus far are delightful to know.

I had proposed to my wife on Sunset Beach, and we spent a part of our honeymoon in Cape May, staying at a couple of bed and breakfast places. I would like to settle in Cape May one day.

Most of my inspiration for my CD is based on a combination of my love for my wife and for the town, and the surrounding area. The front cover photo is of the Cove with the Cape May lighthouse in the background.

You can preview the album at and visit for more information.


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9th Annual North American Sea Glass Festival at Convention Hall

The North American Sea Glass Association had their first festival in Cape May this weekend. Highly anticipated, the turn out was over 5,000 people. Although the wait to get in was an hour, the festival was fantastic. It is always exciting to see all the creative ways artisans use their sea glass.

There were dozens of booths to look at, primarily beach glass jewelry. Many vendors even had pieces from their collection for visitors to look at and admire. One man even had a tray of sea glass marbles for purchase.

Not only was there wonderful beach glass items to purchase, but there were seminars by beach glass collectors as well as an exhibit to view. There were women from Italy with collections of sea tumbled Murano glass and multicolored pieces. Another collection was from a little girl’s whole family, found in Maryland.

There was also a contest for the “shard of the year,” won by a man with a beautiful red bottleneck.





Find out more about NASGA on their website