Cucina Rosa closes its doors


It’s with heavy hearts (and growling stomachs) that we report that this past weekend marked the last day of business for Cucina Rosa, which has closed its doors after twenty-one years of serving up Italian food. Their Washington Street Mall location has sold.

“As you can imagine, the restaurant business is very demanding. As we’ve grown much older, the time seems right. Despite profound regrets, we know that we must do this now,” said owners Chris and David Clemans in the Winter 2014 issues of Cape May Magazine. “Goodbye for now and thank you.”

Railroad tracks uncovered on beach

A stretch of rusted railroad tracks is visible on Lower Township beaches between Sunset Beach and Higbee. The tracks once led to the Cape May Sand Plant and haven’t been visible since the 1930s. [source]

If you want to see the tracks yourself, our photographer Michelle recommends parking at Sunset Beach and hiking up the beach toward Higbee.

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The Fairthorne closes


The Fairthorne Cottage B&B has sold and will not operate for the 2015 season. It joins a handful of other B&Bs that closed their doors this past year. We’ve been told the property at 115 Ocean Street will be used privately.

2014 Mercedes Winner

Is your name Victor Rack? Congratulations! You’re the winner of this beautiful Mercedes, raffled off by Our Lady Star of the Sea. If you aren’t Victor, we’re sorry to tell you that you didn’t win. (We didn’t win either, if it helps.)