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Denise: A family affair

By February 14th, 2011 1,829 Comments

Our wedding took place in Cape May June 20, 2009 at the Chalfonte Hotel.  Rich and I just love Cape May, the beautiful scenery, the architecture and history of Cape May, we just had to have our wedding and reception at the Chalfonte Hotel.

The Wedding Coordinator at The Chalfonte was Terry S. Carr. Cape Winds Florist did all the flowers.  I had pink peonies and white roses. Music was provided by harpist Lucia Marone. My daughter Kelly was the vocalist.

The photography was done by Aleksey Photography (photos featured here were taken by my friends and family). Alek also had Rich and I come back and do beach photos, because it rained on our wedding day.  He is an amazing person.  My son is a chef at Harrah’s and he made the wedding cake.

The day was about family and dear friends. We even had my 93 year old uncle travel 2 ½ hours to be at the wedding.

I have been visiting Cape May for over 15 years on family vacations and Christmas house tours.  When Rich popped the question, we both knew our wedding had to be in Cape May.


Below are photographs from Aleksey Photography:

  • Donna

    Proof that rain doesnt ruin a wedding day, everything is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! Well done Denise & Rich!! Post some beach pics too :-)

  • Kathy Mazzio

    Just wonderful. My son and his bride got married at the Southern Mansion in October.

  • Cheri Buriak

    Everything was just so exquisite, and you looked so beautiful and happy, we just love Rich too, had such a wonderful time and especially love family weddings!

  • Dana Buriak

    Awesome job Aunt Denise… you too Rich!
    Glad you picked out nice pictures of all of us!!

    Love you :)