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Best of Cape May 2011 Results

By Jessica Leeburg September 1st, 2011 10 Comments

Every year for seven years, we’ve asked our readers for their opinions on everything Cape May has to offer, from the best restaurants to the best place to grab a martini, and everything in between. Here are this year’s winners and runners up:

Well, that wraps things up for the Best of Cape May 2011! We hope you pay us a visit and find out for yourself the very best that Cape May has to offer. Thanks to all of you for voting and helping to celebrate our beautiful, seaside town!

  • Diane E. Wescott

    We love coming to Cape May each year. The Victorian Motel is our favorite place at Cape May.We just celebrated our 50 wedding anniversary there. We look forward to seeing our shore friends as soon as we check in. John and Suzanne are the best at Cape May. See you next year.

  • We are both humbled and honored to even be mentioned, let alone be Runner Up in the Best water/boat tour category! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to all of our supporters! Look forward to having YOU onboard along with your friends, family, guests and acquaintances ! 609-884-3100 for info/reservations. Thank You again ! Ginny & Ed

  • carol cavallo

    you forgot the “best porch” entry with the winner being the dormer house.
    and best “innkeepers” with the winner being barbara @ the john craig house. she’s very informative & doesn’t skip a beat when telling the history of the house.

  • LUVCapeMay

    I think everything about Cape May is the best! I hope in my lifetime I get a chance to try all the restaurants, hotels and B&Bs….

  • Maria Badger

    This was my second year visiting Cape May. This year was a fantastic experience! We actually were honored to learn some of the History of Cape May through a tour. Audrey was our host, that started at the Lobster House pier and continuted from Sea to Dinner Plate. During the tour,Audrey, a lovely and gracious lady, shared a very tragic story of the Smith Family who lost several at sea. Later that day we decided to visit the memorial on our own, which gave us chills, tears, and continued respect for the men who risk their lives to bring food to our tables. I am a tourist, but would like to become involved and support some of the non-profit organizations in Cape May. There are many dedicated, proud local residents who continue to keep the History of Cape May alive. Thank you, to all the hard working people of Cape May who make it possible for people like myself to have a very enjoyable vacation.

  • Wildwood, NJ

    “The Best of Cape May” is the perfect vacation guide to Cape May.

  • John Eric Schneider

    Forgot the category Best Magazine… and of course the winner is Cape May Magazine

  • annmarie

    cape may is the greatest place to go to relax. it is like a another world . it is so nice to walk around and go to the beach,stores,shop and people are so friendly.

  • Eileen

    One restaurant that was overlooked was Cucina Rosa. Absolutely the best restaurant in Cape May. Best food at the best prices. The “diminutive” menu is THE BEST! Most of Cape May’s Restaurants are Way overpriced. Cucina Rosa is not!

    • Be sure to vote every August! The winners are determined by our readers.