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Stewart’s Root Beer coming to Washington Street Mall

By Jessica Leeburg January 9th, 2012 17 Comments

The conceptual image for the new Stewart’s Root Beer, coming to the Washington Street Mall in place of Atlantic Books, which closed in late 2011.

  • Stacey

    What a shame to replace a needed bookstore with a chain restaurant.

  • Cathy Moyer

    What a shame! There is now no place in Cape May to buy the perfect beach book. In the 35 years I’ve been coming to Cape May – I always waited to get there to buy my beach books!

  • Don

    Alas, the E readers are slowly doing in the independent booksellers. In my town alone, at least two have gone under in the last year. I guess the only way to look at it is at least there’s going to be another snacking option on the mall…

  • Jackie

    Disappointed, the bookstore was a gem and a great destination for year around gift buying and for finding beach books!!

  • Pat P

    I’m sad to see the book store go as well. I always stopped in every year to buy a vacation read and a “local color” book. But it looks like Stewart’s is going to give Della’s counter a run for their money! I hope the service is better at Stewart’s! Can’t wait for a rootbeer float on a hot afternoon!

  • Lisette

    This is a good opportunity for someone to open a new and much needed book store.

  • Dave

    It’s a real shame. I am notoriously forgetful and I always would stop in here to buy a book to replace the one I forgot to bring from home. Now we have to pay the premium for the bookstore at Congress Hall with a extremely limited selection? And for what? A fast food restaurant.

  • Linda

    I’m sorry to see the bookstore go, but there must have been a reason for them to close. Give Stewarts a chance. After all, it’s a whole lot better then a boarded up space in the mall. I’ll give it a try when I come this summer!

  • Lauren

    I am so disappointed that Atlantic Books closed. I have gone to Cape May every year with my family, and that was the first place I would go when we got there. I literally grew up going to that bookstore while on family vacations. While I am terribly disappointed there is now no bookstore in Cape May, I love Stewart’s root beer!

  • June

    Glad to see that someone will be replacing the Lemon Tree. Sorry about the books, but try your local library for beach books that’s what I do. Also Whale’s Tale has a lot of interesting Cape May and Cape May Point books, you can learn a lot about the place from them as well. It has a lot more seats than the Lemon Tree did, and the Orange Cream drink Stewart’s produces is to die for. I am glad that chains don’t usually set up shop in Cape May, but this is one I would welcome, been drinking this stuff since I was a teenager and that’s over half a century ago. Sit back and relax and give your public library your support and your foot traffic, you would be surprised what libraries offer these days. Even books you can have sent to your kindle.

  • Maggie Gagliardi

    This is great news. Yes, it is too bad that Atlantic Books closed but it is great to see that finally Cape May is allowing a chain establishment with some personality to set up shop in town. Love the root beer.

  • Denise

    Is the Lemon Tree gone as well?

  • Mary Pilla

    Now there are no more book stores in Cape May County. Washington St. mall does not need another place to eat. Cape May has become a place for tourists and threrefor the locals are forgotten again – just as we were when the Beach Theater closed.

  • Tim

    While it is sad that Atlantic Books has closed, it makes no sense for anybody to criticize Stewarts or the City of Cape May for the change. Unlike the Beach Theatre, this building isn’t being torn down, the tenant is simply changing. It happens every year to many businesses.

    And how exactly are the locals being forgotten? By whom are they being forgotten? Do you want the owner of Atlantic Books to keep operating at a loss? Do you want to spend tax payer money on a for-profit business? That’s what the library is for. And there ARE other bookstores in Cape May County.

    Again, I am saddened that Atlantic Books has gone out of business, but I am excited to have a new reasonably priced restaurant on the mall. I’ll probably be a frequent customer.

  • Terri

    It is always sad to see something that is an “institution” leave but if everyone commenting here stops to think about how much (or little) money they have spent in the store through the years, it may not be too hard to understand them closing. I am just as guilty. I loved to visit the store and spend time “looking” but I probably didn’t spend enough money to make it worth their while. After all, they did have to pay the rent. Very sad but this is what happens when we embrace new technlogy – we don’t always realize the downside until it is too late.

  • Christopher Hammer

    The Cape May library is around the corner from this location and I’m ‘certain’ that with your own library card from home you’ll be given a temporary pass to use anything at the library and most likely take stuff out – Monmouth County I know has reciprocity and I believe Ocean County too.

    For the record, Atlantic Books closed everywhere and it was very sad. Unfortunately, it happens.

    Stewart’s ‘will’ be a better addition than yet another T-shirt or fudge store and yes it will employee more people…

  • Joe

    I was shocked and saddened the other night to discover that Atlantic Books had closed. I went every summer. A wonderful place that I always looked forward to spending time in. Who needs a Stewart’s Root Beer joint? I have no intention of going there – ever.