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Annual Halloween Parade and Trick-or-Treat on the Mall a Howling Success

Thousands of little Trick-or-Treaters descended the Washington Street Mall Sunday, Oct. 21 for the Mall Merchant’s annual event. Following Trick-or-Treat, the Cape May’ Halloween Parade got underway and brought out the best and the worst in scary and whimsical masqueraders. And the winners are:

012 Cape May Annual Halloween Parade
Final Awards List

Special Awards
Family        The Kelly Family – “Pirates” , Villas, NJ
Funniest        The Mortensen Family – “Best Thanksgiving”, Cape May, NJ
Most Scary    Jacqueline Hagan – Villas, NJ
Best Homemade Costume    Brianna Austin – Philadelphia, PA
Silliest        Jakob Pender  “Best Shore Theme” – West Cape May, NJ
Most Adorable    Ryden Powers & Riley Amenhauser – Cape May, NJ
Best T.V. or Movie Character    Gage Grossman – Cape May, NJ
Most Original    Mahogany Kelly – Villas, NJ

Age 3 & Under  Division A
1st    Anastasia McPherson-Orenich
2nd    Adeline Yerk
3rd    Kayleigh Smith

Age 4 – 6    Division B
1st    Nevaeh Heap
2nd    Allison Romeo
3rd    Anthony Colucci

Age 7 – 9    Division C
1st    Kyle Satt
2nd    Giana Cole
3rd    Bianca Potter

Age 10 – 12   Division D
1st    Christine Leigh
2nd    Garrison Swan
3rd    Michael Tresoikis

Age 13 – 17   Division E
1st    Julia Grossman
2nd    Anisha Lal
3rd    Khamar Matthews

Age 18 & Up – adults   Division F
1st    Suzanne Muldowney
2nd    Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick
3rd    Linda Ewing

Themed groups  Division G
1st    The Devine Family
2nd    The Mastasiak Family
3rd    The Mercuri Family

Themed Floats  Division H
1st    The Flickenger Family
2nd    Matthew Mastalski Jr.
3rd    Mack the Bulldozing Bulldog