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After the nor’easter

On my drive down Seashore Road to work this morning, I saw the sun this morning for the first time in four days. It was a little reminiscent of the feeling on Christmas morning, having spent the last three days holed up with my dogs, listening to the wind shake my house. I always like the sun best after a nor’easter.

This most recent storm, which began late Thursday and ended early Sunday, downed branches and trees in the country and caused flooding in Wildwood and other barrier islands. A house in Grassy Sound collapsed into the water. Cape May came through the storm fine, with some flooding that closed Bank and Elmira streets, but we’re drying out today, just a little breezy. The sun is peeking through the leaves on the church next to our office as I type this, and Hurricane Joaquin is curving out to sea.

Kate captured these images on Cape May’s beach this weekend.