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  1. Video: Musket demonstration with Al Conly

    By Jessica Leeburg June 30th, 2016 Comments Off on Video: Musket demonstration with Al Conly

    Al Conly demonstrates how to load and operate a Brown Bess musket. You can see this musket demonstration in person at the Colonial House, 653 ½ Washington Street, from 1-4pm on Wednesdays in July.

  2. The Stephen Smith House

    By Jessica Leeburg February 5th, 2016 Comments Off on The Stephen Smith House

    The Stephen Smith house has stood at 645 Lafayette Street for nearly 170 years. Maybe you’ve walked past it. Maybe you’ve read the plaque out front that offers a brief summary of Smith’s life. But you might not realize that he was a key figure in the pre-Civil War Underground Railroad. Smith was born into […]

  3. Then and Now: The Impact of Urban Renewal

    By Philippa Campbell May 1st, 2013 365 Comments

    Even for people who have been in Cape May for generations, the Cape May of just 50 years ago is a real juxtaposition with today’s town.

  4. Racing to Success

    By Robert W. Elwell, Sr. March 1st, 2013 9 Comments

    In 1905, a young struggling entrepreneur by the name of Henry Ford and the dashing Louis Chevrolet came to Cape May, vying for the right to claim the fastest automotive machine.