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The Stephen Smith House

The Stephen Smith house has stood at 645 Lafayette Street for nearly 170 years. Maybe you’ve walked past it. Maybe you’ve read the plaque out front that offers a brief summary of Smith’s life. But you might not realize that he was a key figure in the pre-Civil War Underground Railroad. Smith was born into… Read more »

World War II’s Lasting Mark

An unflinching sentry awaits new orders. Through sixty-plus years of scorching sun and biting wind, the lone sentry remains on post – the final relic of a once-massive coastal defense system that guarded a vital American waterway. Standing half-forgotten on a scrub-covered parcel of beachfront, the concrete guardian now awaits a new set of orders.… Read more »

Schellenger’s Landing: 100 years of fishing in Cape May

You know, we’re always reading, talking and writing about the Victorians and their houses here in Cape May but what about that fascinating piece of real estate that you have to cross before you even enter Cape May City? I’m talking about Schellenger’s Landing. Schellenger’s what? You ask. Schellenger’s Landing – down at the Lobster… Read more »