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Holiday Craft Ideas

Stick Stars

This is a fun and easy project that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The first step is to go out and collect sticks. They are do not have to be from the same tree. The size will be up to you as to how large you want your stars. I chose sticks from 7 inches long to 3 inches long. Each stick star will require 5 sticks.

Supplies need:
Gold or silver wire or hot glue to hold the sections together.
2 bottles of craft paint. I used white but you can use any color you choose.
Paint brushes and sponge brushes
A container of glitter that will match your paint color
A container of white glitter
Containers for your paint, glitter and glue
Ribbon of your choice

Before beginning your stick stars, decide whether or not you want the wire to show when your craft is finished. If you do, paint your sticks first. If you do not want your wire to show, bind the sticks first.
Lay your sticks out on the table and form your star. Play with the sticks before gluing or binding to make sure they will fit together properly. You may have to break up some of the sticks to make them fit. When forming the star the sections will be over lapping each other at the ends, that is where you will connect.

Once the design has been decided begin gluing or binding your sticks. Start with the base sticks the ones that will form the top tip. After the base is formed you can then piece the rest together.
Once all the pieces are formed, painted and dry, apply a light coating of glue with the sponge brush for your glitter. When I applied the glue I only did it in certain areas to make a glistening affect. When applying the white glitter, I built it up in sections to make it look like snow had collected on the areas. The fun part about this craft is that you can really make it look any way you like. After you stick stars are all glittered and dry tie a ribbon around the top into a bow and your all done.

Craft shared by Lynn Desman
Cape May, New Jersey

Chocolate Trees and Bells

Small Tree
Glue two mini peanut butter cups together with the big ends facing each other.  Glue a chocolate kiss on the top and it will look like a little tree!

Glue a chocolate mint bell on top of a peppermint patty and it will look like a bell on a base.

Larger Tree
Cover a sugar cone with aluminum foil.  Glue silver-paper chocolate kisses to the cone, starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top.  Glue 6-8 different colored kisses to the tree as decorations (with the tips in between the silver ones).  It also looks cute with all green foil ones as the base and the other colors as decorations.

These make quick gifts or stocking stuffers!

Craft shared by Susan Chilton
Gardiner, Maine

Reindeer Pins

You will need the following:
old fashion clothes pins
jewelry pin backs
wiggle eyes
red pompoms (small)

1.  turn the clothes pin so that it is upside down and the pin favors deer antlers
2.  glue the wiggle eyes on
3.  glue the pompom on for the nose
4.  glue the pin back onto the back of the reindeer.
5.  give to all your friends

Craft shared by: A friend in Crab Orchard, Kentucky