Who’s New, Who’s Moved, and Who’s Gone: 2006

Another year has come and gone and we’re about to swing into full summer-time mode. Before we do, let’s take look at who’s new and who’s gone.

 The streetscape certainly changed on the Washington Street Mall this year with the departure of McDowell’s Gallery. The old bank building at the corner of the mall and Ocean Street was purchased by Winterwood Gift Shop owners Tom and Cindi Alvarado who shared the old Keltie’s Newstand building just a couple of doors down at 518 Washington Street with Steve and Linda Haley, owners of Colors. The Haleys took over the Winterwood location so it is now one big Colors store and the Alvarados moved into McDowell’s making it one big Winterwood Gift Shop. One additional change – at the bottom of the stairway of the new Winterwood store, is Place On Earth. Place On Earth moved from their West Cape May spot on Park Boulevard and replaces the former Frontier Dry Goods Store.

 Other changes on the mall include the addition of Novelty & Nostalgic Sign Co. in the Liberty Way. City Centre Mall has had quite the shake up. The Zoo Company, which has been at the same location since the Centre’s inception in 1985, has moved across the hallway. Pete Smith’s Surf Shop is gone and has relocated on the beachfront in the solarium next to Convention Hall. Sports N Stuff which used to be there is gone.

 Meanwhile, back at City Centre Mall, Up In Smoke has moved from their West Cape May location on Perry Street to the old Zoo Company location. And can we just say? Wow! Wait until you see those renovations. The cigar store is complete with a Cigar Store Indian and climate-controlled room for all those hand-rolled cigars.

 Upstairs, We R Kids is gone. Seashore Kids is in. And right across the way from them is a new store – Second Story Sweets. This’ll certainly motivate the kids to come up the escalator. Second Story Sweets sells, you guessed it, bulk candy. Mmmm.

 Brand, spankin’ new is Balance, a pilates and yoga studio located between Dairy Queen and Andrews Antiques at 318 Washington Street Mall. Space is limited, so call 884-3001 to schedule your time to bend and stretch.

 Behind the mall, on Carpenter’s Lane, The Italian Garden, a boutique featuring herbal body care for men women and children, has replaced No Exit. Simply Unique Too is gone. At the Merry Widow, Nonesuch Beads has moved from its Washington Commons location. Right next door, Cookies & Coffee is gone, replaced by WKR Custom Builders. Uniquely Yours at 326 Carpenters Lane is gone but no worries Uniquely Yours II and the Pink House are still around. Café Tuscany is new at this location. This is a “check out” must. Café Tuscany serves coffee as well as selling some stunningly beautiful pottery from? You guessed it – Tuscany.  

 There have been a few changes in the Carpenter’s Square Mall. Ocean Crave is in. Kool Kats is out. Ocean Crave sells a variety of beach-related items. Everything from T-shirts to boogie boards. After 5 years in Cape May, “Weather or Knot” has moved to Mt. Laurel NJ. In its place, is a gallery extension of Art Décor. On display are 18th and 19th century oil reproductions.

 Meanwhile, back on Washington Street, let’s walk over to Washington Commons. Nonesuch Beads, as we said before has moved to the Merry Widow. Sunstruck clothing, just opposite the bead store is also gone. By The Sea Realty has taken its place. Ivy League Mortgage Company is gone. And speaking of banking, Boardwalk Bank takes the place of the Cape May Teddy Bear Company. Arden Kids is gone as well as the Gift Boutique. Victorious Too has moved back to the Gift Boutique location and offers some stunningly beautiful accessories and jewelry.

 Moving further down Washington Street, criminal attorney Matthew J. Trella is gone, and we understand the building is being condo-ed. Garden of Verses is also gone. At the Prickly Pear Cottage, the Cape May County Art League is gone. Dragonfly Interiors has taken their place.

 There aren’t too many changes on the beachfront. The big one is Pete Smith’s Surf Shop. Two other changes are in the food category. Blue Moon Pizza replaces Seasons, also a pizzeria and Ice Cream of Jennie’s Ice Cream Parlor is in. Captain’s Big Dipper is out.

 On the restaurant scene, we’ve already told you about the Pelican Club closing to make way for penthouse suite condos. The Craig family has opened another restaurant called Lucky Bones at the base of the Schellenger Landing bridge, across the street from the Lobster House. In the out category is Neil Elsohn of Restaurant 1919. Prior to that, the restaurant was called The Anchorage.

 Daniels on Broadway is out. Moonfish Grill might be in. We’re just not sure. They were slated to open May 11th but our sources tell us, at press time, they were still in search of a chef. Just around the corner from Moonfish Grill at the corner of Sunset and Broadway, Burton’s Grill has taken the place of Cilantro Restaurant, which vacated the premises the year before.

 In West Cape May, Beach Cove Realty is gone. And Creative Kids Fun Zone on Park Boulevard is in. Vintage Cottage is gone.

  The Blue Amber Motel on Madison Avenue is in the process of being converted into the “Madison Avenue Beach Club” – a new condominium complex.

 In the shake-up category, the Rusty Nail on Beach Ave has changed hands and is currently being leased by Steve and Holly Ransom, of Ugly Mug Ransoms. Cape May Carriage Company has been taken back by former owner Beverly Carr. Cape Island Gardens at 721 Broadway in West Cape May is now Cape Island Home and Gardens. Landscaper Judi Bernard has joined Cindy Franklin to form a new business enterprise.

 The Buttonwood B&B has been sold to Akwaaba By the Sea B&B owner Monique Greenwood. The Wooden Rabbit on Hughes Street is not longer a B&B but is now a private residence. The Jeremiah Hand B&B at 814 Washington Street is no longer an inn but is now a private residence. And the Abigail Adams on Jackson Street is no longer a B&B but is currently a guest rental.

 Whew! A lot of changes, a lot more shuffling around. Next time you pay us a visit, take a walk-about and see if we missed anybody and be sure to let us know. Until then, “Happy Trails pardners.”  Yes, I know it’s partners. Cowboys say pardners. So there.