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The Offshore bite is on!

Multiple boats out of South Jersey Marina have been reporting fantastic hookups! Over the Top went 6 for 13 on Whites caught around the Baltimore area, Super Crew also releasing 6 Whites in the same area on Saturday. A little closer to home near the 30 Fathom Lump and the Elephant Trunk, the Nor’easter II was on the fish Friday bringing in 6 Yellow fin and 1 Wahoo, Jen and Tonic had another awesome day of fishing, reeling in a Dolphin, Wahoo and a Yellow fin. The Slammer was also offshore near the 19 fathom lump on Friday bringing in Wahoo, Dolphin and Tuna. Hooked Up II has been having a phenomenal time on the water for the past few days fishing up a storm. All boats leaving South Jersey are hooking up Offshore!

Inshore, boats such as the Common Sense, Cape Queen, Big Game, Slammer, Cape May Lady and the Porgy IV have all been out in the last week also bringing in the fish! The flounder are in the peak of their season, they might not all be keepers but they’re defiantly out there. Black Sea Bass are still in abundance around the reefs and wrecks. The Tautog fish has made an early appearance here in Cape May and the ever present Bluefish, has made the fishing even more enjoyable for people trying to get their last outings in for the summer.

For your inshore and offshore needs feel free to give a call to the South Jersey Marina and ask Nick to setup a charter for you. (609)884-3800