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Holiday Travels with Fido

The holiday season is upon us! It’s exciting, it’s chaotic, and to most of us, it’s just plain fun!! And it’s mostly all about the kiddos, right? So much so that at the last minute you’re like AAARRGGGHH – what are we doing about Fido? Or Chloe? Or Pepper??? If you’re staying home, you have no worries, but if you’re traveling over the holidays, then you have some thinking to do!

There are several things to consider when traveling with pets – during the holidays and throughout the year.

Lots of people, me included, prefer traveling with their pets. I think this is the most fun. HOWEVER, it is imperative to think ahead. Will the pet be welcome where you’re staying? Are you staying in someone’s home, and does that someone own a dog or cat or hamster that may or may not welcome your intrusion? Make sure you think about it first!

If you’re traveling to Cape May, NJ with your pets there are more and more pet friendly accommodations all the time, it seems. The Billmae Cottage, The Marquis de Lafayette, the Highland House, to name a few. And consider a local pet sitter, so you AND your pet can enjoy your vacation! If you are staying at one of the above mentioned places, we will come and walk your dogs, feed them, etc., if you are going out sightseeing or having dinner. We will even come sit with your pets while you’re out. Pet sitters will do anything to make your visit more enjoyable and less worrisome! If you are looking for petsitters along the route, check out Pet Sitters International. They can give you loads of petsitters who pretty much do what we do!!

When flying with pets, just make sure you actually speak to a person at the airline with which you are flying. Then, double check what they tell you by going on their website. Cats are usually small enough to take in the cabin with you, as well as some tiny dogs. Larger animals, obviously, have to be crated and travel in cargo. However, if it is very hot (80 degrees or hotter) and you are trying to fly with your pet, airport authorities may turn you away at the airport. It will be too hot in the cargo section of the plane, and they will not transport your pet. Make sure you check into this as well, because it is not something the airlines make very clear at all!

So! If you’re traveling out of town for the holidays and are traveling with your pet(s), make sure to look for pet-friendly accommodations before you book, and check with the airlines regarding current regulations. And if you’re traveling to Cape May for the holidays, check us out  – McCullough Pet Sitting! We provide every pet sitting service you can imagine!