Harbor Fest Celebrates 100 years of Boating

Cape May’s 4th Annual Harbor Fest celebrated the 100th anniversary of the construction of the Harbor. Beautiful weather encouraged a large turn out of people. Everything from a Scallop Challenge to a kayaking and canoe regatta was offered Saturday June 18.

According to Mark Allen’s article, Cape May Harbor Sails to 100, which appears in the June 2011 issue of Cape May Magazine, “One hundred years ago, what is now the harbor area was a vast tidal marsh crisscrossed by a random network of creeks. The largest of these waterways, Cape Island Creek, meandered in shore from the old Turtle Gut inlet past the docks at Schellenger’s Landing (the Lobster House today) and roughly defined the western boundary of Cape May itself. The creek was tidal, muddy, and navigable only by shallow draft vessels.”