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A dog friendly stay in Cape May that’s also people friendly

Bags are packed. We're ready to go!

When heading to Cape May for a great and dog-friendly vacation there are plenty of places to stay – as long as you plan in advance, as you should when traveling with your dog(s) anyway! Here’s a little help and direction on doggie stay etiquette and where you can reserve a doggie stay.

It’s important to PLAN AHEAD, first of all to insure that you have a place to stay which is dog friendly, and second to insure that they have availability. When traveling with your dog(s) you don’t want to take a chance on not being able to have a place to stay by not planning in advance. And, you NEVER want to leave your dog in the car, even at night without the sun! Temperatures can still rise to the point of discomfort and danger, and you don’t want your furry one(s) to be bitten by mosquitoes or other insects. Plus, the point of having your dog(s) with you is to have them WITH you, right?

Be sure to PACK for your dog(s), too! You’ll need to bring any medications; your dog’s special crate, bed, or blanket; bowls; food; treats; and water, in the event your dog may have stomach upset by a change in water. Cape May has great water, but better safe than sorry.

Bring some SHEETS OR BLANKETS TO COVER the bed and/or furniture so your dog(s) can jump up, and you can both be relaxed about your dog(s) furniture habits while in someone else’s home, not worrying about dog hair, dirt, etc.

While visiting Cape May, or any other area, KEEP YOUR DOG LEASHED and under control – it’s the law. Some people are frightened by dogs and some just don’t want to be intruded upon by a dog out of control or even a friendly one. Keeping your dog leashed and under control respects the space and privacy of others, and makes your dog(s) and you welcome back as great visitors.

And, of course, PICK UP after your dog(s) always!!!! You don’t want to leave those “packages” for someone else.

When looking into one of the several dog friendly places to stay in Cape May, be sure to CHECK ANY RULES/REGULATIONS that each facility may have, such as pet fees, pound/size limits, breed limits, number of dogs allowed, minimum stays, security deposits, etc. Again, better to be prepared than disappointed or surprised.


Billmae Cottage – 609-898-8558 – www.billmae.com

Also have a whole house rental, all dog friendly!


Bluefish Inn – 609-884-4838

Madison Beach Club – 609-884-8266

Marquis de Lafayette – 609-884-3500

Palace Suites Hotel – 609-898-8100

Bed and Breakfast Inns

Highland House – 609-898-1198

Mason Cottage – 609-884-3358

Victorian Lace Inn – 609-884-1772

White Dove Cottage – 609-884-0613


Holly Shores – 609-886-1234

Whole House Rentals

Check CapeMayRentals.com


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