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The Art of the Wedding

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a wedding album is priceless. The wedding photographer plays an integral part in the visual record of a couple’s nuptuals and the festiities which follow. It is a matter of trust, trust that the photographer understands the couple’s vision of how they wish to be remembered and trust in the photographer’s special gift, the artistic eye. Some of Cape May’s wedding photographers generously shared their favorite wedding portraits with us and their thoughts as to why that particular photo is their favorite. 

Left: RHM Photography. Right: Tim D. Joyce Professional Imaging

“I captured this image as our bride Anne ran down the stairs on her way to a quaint ceremony in Cape May Point to marry Joshua Gluck. I saw the shot as I rounded the top of the stairs and CLICK! got it.”
Ryan Morey, RHM Photography

“This is an image I’ve been capturing for quite some time, a bride looking out to a bright future with her husband. Most brides see this in my portfolio and ask for it nearly every time.”
Tim Joyce, Tim D. Joyce Professional Imaging

Left: Aleksey Photography. Right: Spirit Catcher Photography

“Being a wedding photographer, people expect magic from you no matter what. Rain or shine, perfect summer day or winter storm.”
Aleksey Moryakov, Aleskey Photography

“This wedding was of my good friends, Chet Saign and Nancy Carusi on the front lawn of Congress Hall. This photo was planned by the bride and groom, they wanted to have all their family, friends, and guests together in one shot. This was shot out of a second story window, not as easy as it sounds!  But what could be better, just look at everyone smiling and having a great time.  That’s why it’s my favorite wedding shot.”
Don Merwin, Spirit Catcher Photography



“I love these photos because Jamie was willing to do anything for a fun photograph. The best portraits are the ones that express the true self, and I believe these shots fit her very well.”
Macy Zhelyazkova, Meacreations Photography

Doyle Dowdell Photography

“One of my favorite things about wedding photography is the opportunity to get a glimpse into many unique traditions and cultures. This photo was taken during my first Scottish wedding, which was a very memorable day for me. I feel this image expresses the overwhelming joy everyone shared on this amazing day.”
Doyle Dowdell, Doyle Dowdell Photography

Scott Whittle Photography

“I loved this bride’s reaction to the wind taking her veil…I think ‘bemused’ is the word!”
Scott Whittle, Scott Whittle Photography