6th Annual Harbor Fest Enjoys Sunny Skies and Great Crowds

IMG_6635Cape May’s 6th Annual Harbor Fest, Saturday, June 15  combined the best elements of a street festival and community block party complete with vendors, nature programs, children activities, live music, exhibits, a beer garden, and the ever popular scallop challenge.This year WIBG (Wibbage) & Philly Bill Culp broadcast live from the festival this year.

Five years ago, derelict and abandoned boats littered Cape May’s beautiful harbor and posed a threat not only to the harbor’s fragile ecological environment, but to the very commerce of the nation’s 3rd most important fishing port. Conceived in response to the abandoned boat issue, HarborFest combines the elements of conservation, preservation and marine education while promoting “green” water recreation activities all while retaining the character and flavor of a street festival and backyard block party.