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81st Cape May Baby Parade

2013-baby-parade-2The newly crowned Queen Maysea – Alexandra Marie Bruno – led the 81st Annual Cape May Baby Parade Friday morning down Beach Avenue to Convention Hall where Mayor Edward Mahaney, Jr. announced the coveted Baby Parade trophies.

The winner of the Carlyle Dennis Memorial Award for Best Overall Entry was the float Surfer Girl – Skylar Matthews. The winner of the Cory Scott Wolf Memorial Award for Best Float Overall was Under the Cape May Sea: Ashleigh & Julianna Krefski; Kaitlyn Krefski; Joseph Saquella; Genovieve Saquella; Dave and Woerner Gang.

Other winners:

In the Pretty Baby Category:

1st Prize: Jesse Hurd

2nd Prize: Adeline Raine Yerk

3rd Prize: Savannah Smith

4th Prize: Alani Laielli

5th Prize: Brielle Bukowski

6th Prize: Maya Moryyakova

7th Prize: Charlotte Stanley

8th Prize: Noah Brockman

9th Prize: Keira Davidson

10th Prize: Lucy Thompson

In the category of Decorative Baby Carriages

1st Prize: Princess in Training: Lyndsey, Kaitlyn, Madison, Kyrie Elwell

2nd Prize: Aubri Calvin

3rd Prize: Maggie Grace & Scotty White

4th Prize: Trevor Harron

In the category of Children Walking in Fancy Dress

1st Prize: Jocelynn Crist

2nd Prize: Royna Harris

3rd Prize Everleigh Faith VanBlunk

4th Prize: Savannah Fritz

5th Prize: Makayla Pittman

6th Prize: Gunner Davidson

In the category Children Walking in Comic Dress:

1st Prize: Marissa Hess

2nd Prize: Riley Dougherty

3rd Prize Morgen Barry

4th Prize: Darla & Penelope Price, Ava & Chloe Sameneigo

5th Prize: Hillary Kramer

6th Prize: Melanie Kramer

In the category Decorated on Wheels

1st Prize: Emilia DeLeon

2nd Prize: Savannah Pittman

3rd Prize: Krefski, Saquella & Woerner Gang