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Cape May Restaurant Week (plus my 15 minutes of fame)

Philadelphia’s celebrity meteorologist (seriously, he has over 100k Facebook followers) Adam Joseph and Melissa Magee from Channel 6 visited Cape May yesterday for their At the Shore segment. The best part (for me!) was that they wanted to help promote Cape May Restaurant Week, which starts this Sunday.

They wanted food. Food I can do.

This Sunday marks the kickoff for the seventh Cape May Restaurant Week. We’ve been a part of the event since its first year, and I’ve had the honor of organizing the event for the past three. It’s my favorite week out of the year in Cape May. I jumped on the opportunity to promote it, so we called on the Mad Batter, Washington Inn, and Cucina Rosa to bring a few of their house favorites. Despite the overcast, drizzly weather, the restaurants trekked it over. A representative from the The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities was on site, and Adam and Melissa met us at the pavilion overlooking the lighthouse.


Melissa Magee (left) and Adam Joseph (center)

It was hard watching them eat while we stood behind them, cold, numb-fingered, and frankly pretty hungry (I admit–I was nervous about this all day). But Adam was gracious and happily waved us over for food between hits (that’s their fancy TV term for the times when they were broadcasting live, which I’ve now committed to memory). The Mad Batter brought their fantastically good Bayberry Wings (if you haven’t tried them, do it–they’re sweet and only a little spicy). Cucina Rosa offered up their signature Mussels Italiano. And the Washington Inn’s vegetable pizza with grilled eggplant and feta is one of my new favorite foods (I ate two pieces).

Adam and Melissa both raved about the Washington Inn’s chocolate mousse cake (apparently there’s a cookie on the bottom–sadly, there wasn’t enough left for me to independently verify, but the chef assures me it’s true). You won’t find it among their Restaurant Week offerings this year, but you can find it on their regular menu.


(That’s me!)

You can get more information about Cape May Restaurant Week on our website cmrestaurantweek.com, including a full list of participating restaurants, menus, and hours. If you attend, PLEASE share your photos with us! Tag them #cmrweek on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Or you can post them to the Cape May Restaurant Week page on Facebook.