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Sand or Cement?

The beach will always hold a special place in my heart. The sandy shores and forever crashing waves are so unique to every location and just about impossible to perfectly recreate, but we’ve made something that comes in for a close second. Maybe not a close second, because the beach is so hard to beat, but a pool might just be the next best thing.

On the days when loading up the beach chairs, towels, and snacks seems to be such a strenuous task, having a pool to lounge around is the perfect way to unwind. There are no swooping seagulls, no sand being flung, and no endless scavenger hunt in search of a parking spot. A pool is so easy to just plop down on a chair and start relaxing right away without the hassle of setting up camp.


The major difference between the beach and the pool for me is how much I move around. At the beach I’m constantly running about, going to and from the water, playing around with a Frisbee, or walking the promenade. By the pool, I’m much more willing to sit down and stay there for a while. The water is so still without any tides or currents to move it, and in turn I feel equally calm.

The sun beats down, quickly heating me up without the breeze that the beach provides, and I sit there for as long as I can take it. My hair lightens and my skin darkens the longer that I’m in the glistening beams, so learning to take a little extra heat is something that I’ve grown up with. I relax in my chair until the heat becomes too much, at which point I take to the pool for a refreshing dip.

While a pool doesn’t move with the ebb and flow of the ocean, that leaves the perfect opportunity for pool floaties and little bit of goofing off. Because there are no waves to knock me over, there’s always a round of chicken bound to happen. Chicken is when two people each have one person on their shoulders, and the top person tries to knock the other opponent off. Of course we had to attempt to try and top that, so my friends and I got on each other’s shoulders and were three people high. After one or two practice runs, we finally got it!


When it comes to a lazy day with some goofing off thrown in, a pool is definitely the place you’ll find me. A little break from the salt water always makes me appreciate it more.