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Local favorite Mayer’s Tavern reopens in Cape May

In a small town, a text received ten minutes prior to the official opening of a business counts as “word of mouth.” The iconic Mayer’s Tavern, having undergone a total renovation and under new ownership (by the Laudemans of Lobster House fame) opened for business at 5pm last night, and the word of mouth worked—the place was packed by 6:30.

The previous dive bar, which has been closed since 2015, now sports a straightforward, casual look and feel, with a separate dining room and bar area—and very cool bathroom sinks, by the way.  

Mayer’s Bar & Restaurant, tucked off Route 109 and facing Miss Chris Marina, features a simple but inventive menu of Small Plates, Appetizers, Mains, Sides, Raw and Cold, and the intriguing Shellfish Towers.  And while the pool table is gone, the much beloved scallops remain.

As of this writing, they are open 5–10pm.