High Tide

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Outdoor bars to try before the end of summer

It’s hot. The sun has been oppressively strong, there’s no sign of clouds coming to your rescue any time soon, and the humidity is overpowering your time in the sand.

Suddenly, it hits you—a craving for a frosty, refreshing beverage from one of the numerous bars in Cape May. But which one will be your lucky choice? Don’t fret, for we have some of the best and iciest refreshment suggestions that are sure to cool off even the hottest of summer days.

The Schooner American

Ever wonder what it would be like to enjoy a cocktail aboard the deck of an iconic 130-foot Grand Banks sailing vessel? Well, get ready to dive into some maritime relaxation aboard The Schooner American, located behind The Lobster House.  You can expect some great food, refreshing breezes off the harbor, and great conversation. We recommend their fresh-squeezed orange (or grapefruit) crush, but you can’t go wrong with any of their beverages.  Seating is limited and fills quickly, so plan accordingly.

Harry’s Bar & Grille

Rooftop view of the ocean? Check. Plenty of open space? Double check. Live music every night paired with some stellar food options? Triple check. If this sounds appealing to you, then you need to check out Harry’s Rooftop Ocean Bar & Grille, right above the Montreal Beach Resort on Beach Ave. They host a different local musician every night, so you are guaranteed to have a grand time. Pair the divine bacon wrapped scallops with a Montreal Mule and your taste buds will be going crazy!  

The Rusty Nail

There’s nothing better than relaxing fireside with your toes in the sand, and the sound of ocean waves crashing just feet away. At the Rusty Nail, adjacent to the Beach Shack Hotel, you can gather with friends and family among one of the many fire pits and enjoy a yummy Pineapple Jawn (served in a copper pineapple). Also, we’ve heard great things about their stuffed flounder dish. Big plus: this location is pet-friendly!

The front porch at the Ebbitt Room

A classic, elegant atmosphere is waiting for you at The Ebbitt Room at The Virginia. Does live piano paired with a Mint Julep sound like it’s up your alley? Well, they can do both. Enjoy a drink on the front porch or just inside, in the enclosed sunroom. Tie it together with some delectable food options (cheese platter or gourmet deviled eggs, anyone?) and this is sure to be a night for the books!

Barefoot Bar at the Marquis de Lafayette

This next choice has definitely ramped up their food menu for the 2018 season. The Barefoot Bar at the Marquis de Lafayette offers a wide variety of flavorful dishes along with a daily happy hour from 4-7pm. Does a Blueberry Lemonade sound refreshing to you? Or how about a Sunset Celebration? Enjoy either (or both) at this swingin’ venue. Pet-friendly as well!

The Veranda Bar at Congress Hall

Three words: The Veranda Bar. Juice bar by day, and cocktail bar by night, this is a spot you do not want to miss! Located right on the back porch of Congress Hall, you can sit and relax, or walk around and play corn-hole with the whole family. 

The Porch at Elaine’s

Alright, we don’t know about you, but nothing sounds better than a frozen Jack & Coke. Yes, you heard that right, frozen Jack & Coke! The only machine of its kind in New Jersey, in fact, making your next visit to The Porch at Elaine’s a must. You can also enjoy a variety of live music any night of the week, so come prepared for a truly enjoyable time. We won’t even go into their top-notch food items on the menu; you’ll just have to go find out yourselves. Can’t make it down for the summer? No worries, you’re more than welcome in the fall season, accompanied with some outdoor heaters and blankets: you can’t beat that.

Tiki Ten35 at SeaSalt and SeaSalt Bar

The Ocean Club Hotel has two options for you: Tiki Ten35 and the Sea Salt Bar. The Sea Salt Bar has more of a fine dining experience, where you will be tasked with ordering off an exquisite seafood menu paired with drinks such as The Perfect Storm; sounds enticing! Then you have the Tiki Ten35, which provides you with a more laid-back beach vibe, servicing martinis, margaritas, mojitos, and much more. What else could you possibly ask for?

The Bar at Aleathea’s

If you’re looking to combine patio dining with some Victorian flair, The Bar at Aleathea’s is the spot for you. You can have a romantic evening inside the dining room, or bring the whole family along for a casual night out. Daily food specials are a bonus, and their Grouper Aleathea is a must-order entree. The cocktail menu is extensive–from their wine list to their signature martinis and cocktails, you may have to spend quite some time selecting the perfect drink.

Fins & The Ugly Mug

We have options for you on the Washington Street Mall as well. They aren’t outdoor bars per se, but they do have lovely outdoor seating for you to enjoy the setting sun along the mall. Option one: Fins Bar & Grille. Unwind with a Jersey Devil Mule and a delicious plate of stuffed shrimp – yum! Option two: The Ugly Mug, which will offer you a cheesy and rich crab melt with a nice craft beer on the side. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these Washington Street Mall hot spots.

On the Rocks at the Ferry Terminal

Whether you’re boarding from Cape May or Lewes, Delaware, you will find On The Rocks at the Ferry Terminal to be a warm welcome (or departure) for your travels. The menus differ slightly depending on which terminal you are at, but fear not, you will be pleasantly served with a signature cocktail and some happy hour food specials! Bon voyage!