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Nick Filet opens on Beach Avenue

Earlier today, my husband, AJ, called asking if I’d like to have lunch at the new Nick Filet on Beach Avenue that opened yesterday. I, of course, said yes since I hadn’t packed lunch!

Once we got to Beach and Jackson, we could see a line out the door and worried the wait would be long. Thankfully, it was mostly people coming out with takeout bags on their way back to the beach. Everyone had a smile on their faces, even the customers waiting and eating inside along the window. As we approached the door, a worker asked if we would like a menu, assuming we were walking past, but we said no since we were headed inside!

I ordered the Filet Grilled Cheese. It’s a regular grilled cheese sandwich with chunks of filet mignon. I told AJ to please get the Parmesan Truffle Fries (we got a large). He ordered The Nick Filet that comes with 1/3lb of filet mignon on a kaiser roll. Good news: They take credit cards.

We sat down in front of the windows overlooking Beach Avenue. Our food was ready in under ten minutes. The staff brought it to our table with a smile. My grilled cheese was amazing; the cheese was perfectly melted and the bread was crispy. You know how sometimes you get soggy grilled cheese? This was not it. And the Parmesan Truffle Fries were heaven, bite after bite. As for my foodie husband, he ate his Nick Filet so fast that I couldn’t even try a bite of it. He said he wants to come back again, and for him to say that…I know that’s a great sign! 

After we were done, I asked if they’re going to stay open all year. Right now, they’re thinking of staying open and only closing in January and February, but that’s not etched in stone. What a great addition to Cape May and to our beachfront. We wish Nick Filet nothing but the best of luck here in Cape May!

Nick Filet is located at 316 Beach Avenue. In addition to filet sandwiches, they also serve lobster rolls, mac & cheese, plain grilled cheese, and salads. Visit nickfilet.com for more info.