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Photos: A quiet stroll through town

The Washington Street Mall with no visitors

A few of my favorite spots in town are a little quieter than normal. As I walked around to take these pictures, I saw a few cars driving around and people peppered on the beach. The spring air felt great with the warm breeze and sunshine hitting my face. Normally on a day like this, I would run into friendly visitors excited to tell me where they’re from or why they’re here. So the day was strange. 

Here are just a few of the questions I’m usually asked:

“Where is the bathroom? Where’s [a store]? How do I get to [a place]?”

Those are the basic ones. 

“What type of camera is that?”

It’s a Nikon.

“Can you take my picture?” 

Sure, I would be happy to!

“Where do you work?” 

I work for Cape Publishing. We are CapeMay.com, Cape May Magazine, and CapeMayRentals.com.  

“Do you live here year-round?” 

I live near the Cape May County Zoo.  

I also get the question, “Wow, do you get to walk around town a lot?” This is where I say yes, I also take pictures for Instagram @lovecapemay, our Facebook page, and anything else people like to see. I’m the staff photographer for the company.

“Where do you eat?” 

Oh, that’s so hard for me to answer. I love to eat at so many places. I usually turn this into a question right back at them and say, “Where have you eaten?”

“What’s your favorite street?” 

I love Hughes Street!

Those are just some of the usual questions I get asked. Not the day I took these, though. That day was unlike any warm spring day that I’ve been in. I truly hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. If you happen to see me around, please say hello, and I hope I can answer all your questions about our lovely town.

Enjoy the pictures!