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Ongoing changes to Schellenger’s Landing

One of five new brick crosswalks | Photo: Kathleen Hayes

The next time you come over the Route 109 bridge into Cape May, you might notice that Schellenger’s Landing looks a little different. An ongoing project aims to make the area safer for foot traffic, while adding ADA accessible sidewalks to both sides of the street. Five new brick crosswalks are already in place, as well as new decorative street lights, and rumble strips to help drivers keep the speed down. 

The DEP rejected a proposal for a sign above the road that would welcome visitors to Schellenger’s Landing. In December, there were plans to submit a revised sign for approval. If we learn of any updates, we’ll let you know. 

We hear that the people at South Jersey Marina and Lucky Bones are happy with the work being done, and you’ll likely see some upgrades to their properties later this year!