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First look at the new clothing store Willow & Stone

Exterior of 215 Decatur Street | Photo by Kathleen Hayes

If you’ve visited Cape May during the last year and strolled down Carpenters Lane, you probably noticed the construction going on diagonally across from Fins at 215 Decatur Street. The white house on the corner has transformed from low-key to sharp, and we’re excited to show you the results of the renovation.

The ground floor is home to the new clothing store Willow & Stone, part of the family of stores including Good Scents and Red Oak Trading. Willow & Stone is looking to challenge fast fashion. They carry eco-friendly, sustainable, and Fair Trade accessories, jewelry, and clothes for men and women. Some items are made in the USA.

And while we haven’t stepped in for photos yet, above Willow & Stone is the new Inn Town Suites from Peter Shields Inn. The second-floor Decatur and Carpenters suites feature beautifully styled bedrooms, kitchenettes, baths, and private decks—and yes, there is elevator access. You can find photos of the new suites on PSI’s website.