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Free Movies on the Beach are returning to Cape May this summer

Not only are free movies on the beach coming back to Cape May again this summer, so is arguably the best movie to watch in the dark next to the ocean. 🦈

Movies on the Beach is a free summer event on the sand next to Convention Hall. We’d recommend warm clothes and some towels to wrap up. It can get a little cold after sundown. Feel free to bring food! (We’ve seen people bring whole pizzas.) And since this event takes place in the evening, you don’t need a beach tag.

Movies begin at dusk. In the event of rain, the City will announce cancellations on their Facebook page.

Here is the 2022 summer film lineup:

July 7: The Goonies

This ‘80s classic kicks off the summer. The Goonies is the story of a group of ragtag kids trying to save their neighborhood from foreclosure. After discovering an old map in the attic, they’re determined to find a legendary pirate treasure but run up against a criminal family vying for the gold.

The Goonies stars a young Sean Austin, Josh Brolin, and Corey Feldman. Head’s up for strong language, some violence, and a disfigured character treated as a monster. It might be a little scary for younger kids. (Will this version include the deleted octopus scene?? We don’t know.)

Rated PG. Running time 1 hour, 54 minutes. Released in 1985.

July 14: Finding Nemo

The clownfish Marlin has been raising his son Nemo on his own since his family was eaten by a larger fish. Unlike his father, Nemo possesses a curiosity for the world and swims too close to a boat that captures him. Marlin has to summon his courage and learn to trust others in an epic journey to find his son.

There is a scene in the dark with an Anglerflsh that could be a little startling, but overall, Finding Nemo is a gentle film.

Rated PG. Running time 1 hour, 40 minutes. Released in 2003.

July 21: Jurassic Park

The original! Entrepreneur John Hammond is desperate to open his island dinosaur theme park and invites Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler—noted paleontologist and paleobotanist—to spend the weekend and give it their endorsement. Along for the ride are Hammond’s grandchildren, chaotician Ian Malcolm, and the lawyer threatening to shut down the park. But when a disgruntled employee messes with park security in a ploy to steal dinosaur embryos and get rich, it becomes a fight to stay alive and find a way off of the island.

Jurassic Park is pretty tame compared to the later movies in the franchise. Head’s up for a couple jump scares (including a goat leg falling on a car), some language, loud animal noises, and the lawyer being eaten by a T-Rex.


Rated PG-13. Running time 2 hours, 7 minutes. Released in 1993.

July 28: Aladdin (2019)

Disney’s live-action adaptation of the ‘90s love story between a poor boy who dreams of greatness and a princess who dreams of agency. Like the original, this one’s a musical. You’ll recognize some of the songs, though there are some new ones as well. Will Smith replaces the late Robin Williams as the voice of Genie.

Rated PG. Running time 2 hours, 8 minutes. Released in 2019.

August 4: Cruella

Emma Stone leads this origin story of 101 Dalmations antagonist Cruella de Vil. Despite a talent for fashion, Cruella, born Estella, resorts to crime after she’s orphaned but is eventually employed by a noted fashion house when she’s discovered having drunkenly redecorated a window display. Working there, however, reveals a startling secret about Estella’s past that sets her on a revenge course.

Unlike the original villain, this Cruella wears faux fur and she and Anita are childhood friends. Estella’s mother dies by falling near the beginning of the movie.

Rated PG-13. Running time 2 hours, 14 minutes. Released in 2021.

August 11: JAWS

It’s back! JAWS is the story of Amity Island, a summer resort facing a possible shark attack on Fourth of July weekend. When the mayor refuses to heed the new sheriff’s warning to close the beaches as a precaution, there’s literal blood in the water. With the town embroiled in shark panic, the only option is to bring in the ruthless fisherman Quint to hunt down the great white.

Despite the PG rating, JAWS has a bit of shadowy nudity, some blood and gore, drinking, a couple jump scares, and a HUGE animatronic shark. It’s great fun but might scare younger kids.

Rated PG. Running time 2 hours, 10 minutes. Released in 1975.

August 18: Up

Pixar’s moving story about a lonely man trying to make his late wife’s dream come true, and in the process, discovers found family and new purpose. This one’s a tearjerker, but don’t let that keep you from watching it. It has a happy ending.


Rated PG. Running time 1 hours, 36 minutes. Released in 2009.

August 25: The Endless Summer

Finishing off the season is the aptly named The Endless Summer, a 1966 surf documentary. We’ve never seen this one, so we’ll send you to the Wikipedia article for full details.

Not rated. Running time 1 hour, 35 minutes. Released in 1966.