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Cape May is getting ready for the season / new arches on the Promenade

After a snap of cold, we are back to temps in the high 40s and low 50s here in Cape May—the perfect range for a stroll through Cape May. And, apparently, refreshing the exteriors of buildings! Walking around this morning, we spotted workers at Taco Caballito, Carney’s, Lace Silhouettes, The Ugly Mug, and Kaleidoscope.

We also spotted what looks like a small wooden deck being built at a few of the beach entrances (this is #16 at Decatur Street):

But you’re probably here for the arches. The City of Cape May, in collaboration with the Fund for Cape May, is installing arches that span the promenade, reminiscent of the arches from Cape May’s old wooden boardwalk a century ago.

The 2023 versions are still a work in progress; we’ll snap more pictures when they’re farther along. What do you think about them so far?