High Tide

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Watch your speed! Cape May City streets are all 20 mph and under

street signs at Beach and Congress Streets

Be careful when driving in Cape May this year!

Last fall, the maximum speed limit for all streets under Cape May City’s authority was dropped to 20mph—and it’s even lower for others.

We listed the exceptions below ⬇️

20 mph the entire length

  • All streets under Cape May City’s authority not listed as an exception below

15 mph the entire length

  • Hughes Street
  • Corgie Street
  • Carpenter Lane
  • Lyle Lane
  • Golf Lane
  • Claghorne Place
  • Page Street
  • Cake Street
  • Dale Place
  • Schellenger Alley
  • Pearl Street

15 mph in parts

  • Jackson Street from Lafayette Street to Beach Avenue
  • Queen Street from Washington Street to Lafayette Street
  • Perry Street from Mansion Street to Beach Avenue

10 mph the entire length

  • Yacht Avenue