Updates from a walk through town

We took a brisk walk through Cape May this afternoon to see what’s going on around the city! Most gardens are still waking up, but we spotted tulips and a lot of colorful flower boxes.

Getting ready for the season

Construction projects abound! Over at Elaine’s on Lafayette, exterior seating has been extended onto a new paved area, and an elevated porch is being installed, pushing into the parking lot area. Further down the street, the building at 401 Lafayette has siding installed. And over by Swain’s Hardware, crews are pouring new sidewalks.

New coffee bar!

On the return walk to the office, we noticed that the Inn of Cape May has opened a coffee shop!

The Coffee Bar is open daily from 7am to 3pm. In addition to a hot & cold hot beverage menu, the menu offers pastries, grab-and-go breakfast items like egg bites or a personal quiche.

Not a coffee drinker? They have a variety of bottled juices, water, milk, and tea.

Sign reading The Porch Coffee Shop, featuring La Colombe Coffee. OPEN

Parking Meters

One last thing: The City of Cape May is turning on all parking meters city-wide beginning tomorrow, April 1st, according to a Facebook post from the Cape May City Police.

Photos by Jessica Leeburg