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A look inside the new Cape Square Entertainment Complex

The company Town Square Entertainment has locations in Stone Harbor, Tilton, Vetnor, Moorlyn (coming soon), and now a new Cape May County location called Cape Square Entertainment in Rio Grande, a part of the County Commons with neighbors Tractor Supply and Human Services.

Cape Square Entertainment

The County Commons had a turnover and makeover the past few years by bidding farewell to long standing businesses like K-Mart and Frank’s Theaters and improving the exterior of the commons. 

When Frank’s Theaters in Rio Grande closed in 2019, locals were disappointed; however, hopes of a revamped theater softened the blow. The details of this change of hands was a mystery until the project really started to take form. When word got out that Clint Bunting, the visionary behind Town Square Entertainment, would be taking over operations, there was optimism for what was to come, especially after seeing the company’s prior theater enhancements.

Rumors floated around about what this new venture would entail – there was talk of new theaters, bowling lanes, a restaurant, etc. The veil slowly peeled back to reveal that all of the above are included here, with more amenities than expected.

The website for the Cape Square Entertainment Complex states “At Cape Kitchen & Craft, we aim to be the top provider of high quality entertainment for all ages in South Jersey. With 8 movie theaters, 16 bowling lanes, a 3000 sq ft. arcade, 3 bars, 2 restaurants, and a golf simulator, we have it all. Our space is home to many community gatherings and special events, and would make the perfect place to host your next party! Come explore the best of the Cape.” 

Opening just in time for the box office boom of Barbie and Oppeneheimer, this new location is kicking into action and finding its groove in Rio Grande. As more people go to play and explore what Cape Entertainment has to offer, feedback will inform what this complex serves to the community. Its potential is undeniable. 

The building’s remodel is remarkable both internally and externally. It is obvious they spared no expense to establish an environment of cleanliness and modernity. From the array of ornate light fixtures and chandeliers, beautiful murals that signify the location, and continuous developments like their current in the works expansion of theaters, Towns Square is investing in this local hub of amusement. A prominent highlight is their on-site parking lot that offers plenty of free spots and accessible parking. 

Cape Kitchen & Craft 

According to their website, Cape Kitchen & Craft offers “a fresh twist on American classics, local specialties and brews, plus unexpected new creations” in portions large enough to share. 

Cape Kitchen & Craft is considered their upscale dining option, while The Clubhouse is a casual alternative that is more accessible for activities like bowling, arcade, or the golf simulator. The Clubhouse has a 360 bar, tables, and service straight to the bowling lanes. Cape Kitchen & Craft is located on the other end of the building near the outside courtyard. There is plenty of seating in a brightly lit dining room along with an elegant full bar. It is important to note that unlike their Stone Harbor location, libation is not permitted into the theaters.

From Cape Kitchen & Craft there is a door to the outside courtyard/patio area. The family-friendly courtyard is for patrons looking to eat and drink, play activities like cornhole, and enjoy live music every weekend. This area will have continuous advancements made in the near future. 

A definite highlight service offered by Cape Square is their party packages. Handled through the Cape Kitchen & Craft end of the business, they offer golf, bowling, gaming, and movie packages, all including some level of food and beverage services. Reservations for all activities are possible and encouraged for larger parties. Both restaurants operate on a first come, first served basis. 

As our area’s “off-season” rears its uneventful head, you can look forward to enjoying Cape Square Entertainment’s food and facilities all year long. “It’ll be a one-stop shop to have fun, no matter the weather or time of year,” said Clint Bunting to Shore Local News. They intend to be open every day from 11:30am until approximately fifteen minutes after the last movie, usually 10:45pm at the latest. Hours may vary for holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

Location: 3801 US-9, Rio Grande, NJ 08242

Contact: (609) 600-9300