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Karen Fox

Mermaid’s Tears

Some of the best shorelines to find mermaid tears – sea glass – are right here in Cape May. Over the years, the salt water, the tides, washing over rocks and sand, the pounding forces of the ocean have broken and worn down the shards to unique, one-of-a-kind shapes and sizes.

Cape May Diamonds

Cape May diamonds are our today-connection with the Ice Age. With luck, beachcombers find a gem dazzling in the sunlight – one that has been tumbled to the brilliance of a jewel from Tiffany’s. That is a rare find, indeed.

Cape May’s Tiny Railroad

It is a fantasy land with tiny worlds within worlds.

This toy train tableau of miniatures is a giant. The display covers 600 square feet, but the landscape, its population, buildings and transportation systems are diminutive, created not in inches, but millimeters.