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Sophie Crossley

Sand or Cement?

The beach will always hold a special place in my heart. The sandy shores and forever crashing waves are so unique to every location and just about impossible to perfectly recreate, but we’ve made something that comes in for a close second. Maybe not a close second, because the beach is so hard to beat,… Read more »

Beach Light By Night

When the sun is out, the beaches are always jam-packed. The smell of sunscreen fills the air and Laughing Gulls are hovering at every chair to snag some food the moment that someone turns their back. While the beaches are always filled during the daytime, I look forward to the one time of year where… Read more »

Pizza Pause

As a typical teenager, I’m capable of eating far more than the average human being. Maybe I can blame it on growing, or maybe I just enjoy the wonderful, always welcoming taste and warming sensation it provides for my stomach and soul. As much as I love to indulge in the world of food, there… Read more »

A Light For More Than Boats

Often I catch myself in a trance-like state as I ride my bike down Second Avenue in the evenings. The streetlights are few to none, leaving the concrete beneath my wheels to be illuminated only by the glow of passing houses and the hanging moon above my head. With the steady hum of my tires… Read more »

Caged But Not Contained

Being raised by a birder, I have always been aware of the stunning wildlife that is a massive part of Cape May County. From the dolphins that seem to swim within an arms length of the shore to the Laughing Gulls that steal my French fries, I spent my entire childhood surrounded by animals. Not… Read more »